Toni Voutilainen

Growth Manager

+358 50 357 7725

Toni has a proven track record in generating growth through digital marketing operations, especially search engines, since 2008. He has helped generate direct sales through search engines alone north of 100M euros.

Having helped companies of all sizes, he’s able to advise startups, scaleups and beyond. Most recently he’s been involved hands-on with helping Finnish Design Shop and Acon achieve outstanding growth across the globe and Moi compete against giants in the crowded Finnish telco market.

According to him, there’s no magic pill. Success boils down to understanding the timeless principles outlined nearly a century ago by the advertising pioneer Claude C. Hopkins, knowing how to apply them to different business models with modern tools, and having a passion for the practice. That’s when the magic happens.

Connect with Toni via LinkedIn.

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