Aleksandr Simukovic

Head of Programmatic

+358 50 564 7309


I’m a digital marketing professional specializing in Programmatic advertising. I’ve got a wide professional background, starting from building my own business, which was followed by working for one of the most vibrant mobile advertising start-ups in Berlin back in 2012, joining a Fortune 500 company General Motors during my master studies in Germany to help Opel market their flagship model in EMEA region, then being a part of Europe’s leading full-stack advertising technology platform – Adform and now leading Tulos programmatic operations just in time when Finnish market is switching to the next level of digital advertising.

I have solid experience in the programmatic landscape, applying and testing industry trends, and current possibilities. I love challenges and I love data-based decisions. Everything digital definitely plays a big part in my life, however, when I feel like disconnecting for a while, I enjoy exploring the world through art, books, and nature.