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Technical Web Analyst

Working as a web analyst at Tulos you will gather data and knowledge from various areas of business, including: client KPI workshops, web analytics, CRM, marketing automation tools, business metrics, enabling you to create, implement and lead the analytics framework across the business.

Role and responsibilities

You will build, implement and maintain integrated various data sources for Tulos clients. This often includes working with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or A/B testing tool implementations. Your responsibilities also include building dashboards and reporting systems for clients and building internal frameworks for Tulos. As part of your work, you will also have KPI workshops for clients to help them understand the business objectives and to build a data processing roadmap for them. You will ensure that the analytics data is accurate and there is monitoring in place to spot any issues.

Desired skills & experience

Technical Web Analyst is responsible for designing and implementing the technical changes.

  • Strong expertise in web development techniques: JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks and HTML/CSS
  • Enthusiasm and courage coupled with innovative problem solving skills
  • Basic understanding of many different tool sets such as: web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, A/B-testing, personalization, DMPs, SEO tools, eCommerce platforms and similar software
  • Basic project management skills
  • Fearless attitude with a growth mindset

You might be experienced in these:

  • Tag management solutions (Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager)
  • Analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics)
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery)
  • Programming and databases (PHP, MySQL)
  • Conversion optimization and testing tools (VWO, Optimizely)
  • Dashboard visualization tools (Google Data Studio, Geckobord, Klipfolio, Tableau)

We offer

  • The opportunity to make your work profile suit just for you
  • The opportunity to work with very interesting clients
  • The opportunity to learn from the best people in the business
  • Challenging position in a fast-growing organization where each day is unlike any other
  • Possibility to grow and help define your own job description

What we are looking for

We value your attitude and achievements over academia. You have demonstrated the ability to constantly achieve given targets and you want to continue doing so even with our demanding goals. You know your stuff but you haven’t lost the ability to fail and learn fast. 

The vacancy is full time. Our office is located in central Helsinki, Kamppi.

Please send your application letter and resume to

rekrytointi@tulos.fi. Please write “Technical Web Analyst” in the subject field and apply.

More information: Chief Happiness Officer Oona Silén, oona.silen@tulos.fi

Our values

Our values are simple and easy. They help us make the right decisions and maintain our great corporate culture.

Be brave and try new things without the certainty that they will work.

Be honest and admit if something did not work.

Making mistakes allows our employees to learn faster and more thoroughly.

With a lot of first-hand experience, it is our duty to teach our colleagues, customers and industry about our ambitions.

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