It’s scary how much we are alike – International Geek Exchange morning coffee with Elizabeth

So why on Earth is she sitting at the Tulos office for two weeks? Elizabeth is taking part in the International Geek Exchange (IGE). The aim of the IGE is for digital marketing geeks to learn from each other and share their knowledge with each other – and especially in this case, real life experiences on what has been working and what’s not when a company grows fast. We discussed topics like business models, people sourcing, recruiting, management, tools and more.
Portent and Tulos are very much alike. We have so many similarities that it’s almost scary. We even share two exact same core values: learning and teaching. Both companies are focused on top-notch expertise and having the best experts in the field of internet marketing. Both are engaged to keep a high level of expertise through continuous learning and also sharing these learnings.
If you’d like to learn more about the IGE, contact our IGE pioneer Toni Voutilainen who visited Portent last December, for more information.

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