Austrian Escapades, Part 1

At the beginning of May I began to handle AdWords advertising for an Austrian company Wolford in the finnish market. After few good months we began to see excellent results from AdWords and started to think about expanding our co-operation.
In June/July, we discussed if it was possible for me to come to the Wolford headquarters in Austria, to consult further on AdWords advertising. Official online shops for Wolford can be found in their respective languages in Finland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.
The sheer number of online shops requires extreme attention to detail, when discussing all things AdWords. And this is where Tulos excels! We quickly wrapped up our plans, and I was on my way to the land of wiener schnitzels.
A quick intro to Wolford:

The company’s history, which spans over 60 years, has seen it develop from a business focusing solely on Legwear and Bodywear to an international premium brand with an extensive range of products. The first stage in the historic development of the product range saw the step from tights to bodies in 1992. These bodies did not feature any seams; instead they were based on the same circular knitting technology that was used in the successful tight models. This development was followed by a stringent product diversification based on the brand’s quality standard, and saw the range being expanded to incorporate additional areas of Bodywear.
With the establishment of the five product groups Legwear, Ready-to-wear, Lingerie, Swimwear and Accessories, Wolford provides all the essentials for your wardrobe: Timeless models with subtle references to the latest trends that perfectly stylise the female silhouette, and fulfill the claim of being both unique and unmistakeable. 

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I spent a week at the headquarters in Bregenz, Austria. I learned a lot, got so many things done, met exciting new people and came back to our own office a wiser man.
What are the advantages of working at your clients office, and why should you do it? Most of these go both ways, it’s always a win-win situation:

  • Get to know the business better
  • Understand how things work on a day-to-day basis
  • Gain insights into other marketing activities
  • Take part in the ”watercooler conversations”
  • Increase pace of communication – react in minutes, not in days
  • Communication becomes spontaenous – don’t stuff everything into one hour meeting
  • Teach your clients more about your business
  • Become a friend and a partner, not just a vendor

Do you have any stories to share from working at your clients office? What’s been good and what’s been bad? Share your thoughts in the comments!
Stay tuned for the Part II of Austrian Escapades at the end of November!

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