5 tips for working remotely at Tulos Helsinki

For me an ideal workplace is where the attitude is “everything is possible unless there’s a big reason why not”. But I have to admit that telling about my BIG dream of remote working – albeit us being a digital agency – was something I was a bit hesitant about. I shouldn’t have; all my colleagues and my boss have been nothing but supportive of my dream and now all that remains are some technical issues and smoothing out the processes even more remote friendly.

Here’s what you should know if you’re considering coming to work at Tulos Helsinki and wish to keep your globetrotting abilities. Or if you fancy having once in a while more relaxing days at the home office in your pyjamas.

  1. Meetings can be the biggest separator between you being present in the meeting in flesh or virtually. This can be smoothened when you’ve prepared Skype/Hangout connection beforehand and made sure everything works fine. I’ve stumbled a few times with this because client’s Skype link hasn’t worked or there was some technical problem with a voice. (and if you’re working from home office in pyjamas, it’s best to just use voice) :D
  2. Some colleagues asked me after my trip how they would best know when I’m available. In my case it’s best to assume I’m available just like I’m at the office – sometimes I’m in a meeting or focused on client work. But unless I haven’t explicitly stated that I’m not available (e.g. there’s no calendar marking) they can feel free to contact me.
  3. Internet connectivity might become an issue if you haven’t prepared for it. If you’re travelling it’s best to arrive your destination well in advance so you can make sure internet doesn’t lag in the vital moment. You can also install “Workfrom” app to seek out digital nomad friendly cafes around you.
  4. What about facilities or do you need an external screen? Many coworking spaces offer external screens for an extra fee. Coworking spaces are also great places to meet likeminded travellers – and to keep you focused. (see next point)
  5. Keeping work-life balance might become an issue if you work in the same place where you live. That’s why I personally feel like keeping these two separate – either I go to another room when finished working or preferably work in a completely separate place. This is where coworking spaces come in handy. They’re also great in keeping you focused; it’s hard to start facebooking (unless social media is your job) when there are dozens of other people busily crunching out their work. Here’s a handy website for checking out the best places for you to enjoy your work week: www.nomadlist.com

I’m not saying that working at Tulos Helsinki automatically means you have to start working remotely. I’m writing this to illustrate how flexibly you can shape your work here. Are you also interested in working at Tulos Helsinki and shaping yourself a job which looks like you? Make sure to check regularly our open positions and also feel free to send us an open application. Oh, and subscribe to our newsletter: we’ll send you lots of love for that!

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